Time is short.

Welcome all,

It been almost a year since my last post. Please forgive me time has been moving really fast. I am glad to be back and writing this post in service of the Lord. The title time is short is a reality in our day in age. As we look upon our world we see a planet under great stress. These are the sign of our Lord and Saviors is about to return. Look at the evil that plague our world no nation is self from these evil acts of satan. But we must understand that this is a limit power that he has and soon God the Holy One will left his protection from this world and the full wrath of satan will be let lose. WE MUST PRAY and come together and raise GOD name above all names. We continue to turn our nation into a land of sin and evil. Churches don’t preach the truth anymore everything is happy go lucky make you feel god church. God is the answer and we wonder why our children are astray and marriage fall apart. It because God is not place first but last if at all. Pray be holy and love. My push is to spread Gods word and fight evil every step of the way.

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