What Time is It

Jesus_013Hello everyone I know it has been a long time since we talk. I am doing well and hope you are too and We will be posting more and more as the end time is near. I ask the question what time is it because we are living in the end times. I need people to know that this is the generation like I stated before that will see the son on man return. It is our job to stand up and share the light that Jesus has given us. We need to do this and do it now it is burning in my heart because I know that evil is growing stronger in the heart of men. Take a step back and look at our nation more violence, more sexually perversion, gay marriage and our leader are ok with this. I am in the military and I can not even speak about God without worrying about getting in trouble. What happen to our church what happen to God bless America instead we got these feel good pastor telling the people what they want to hear to keep the money pouring in. If you are not getting to hard truth from the bible, it they are not preaching about Heaven, Hell, the Rapture and God Grace then you don’t need to be there. So if you are one that hasn’t allow God into your life please do and if you know other invite them to do the same. People children of God we are in the last day so please don’t take this as some fluff it time.

If you need to be save all you have to do is pray this.

Dear God I know I am a sinner and I have sin against you.
I know with all my heart and soul and confess with my mouth that your son Jesus died for my sin.
At this moment God I ask that you forgive me of my sin by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. Restore me soul I give my life to you Lord.
Come into my heart father and live in me so I my name my be in the lambs book of life by your grace AMEN.

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