Stay Focus on Jesus!

There comes a time in believer’s life that our faith and hearts get tested. Knowing that Jesus is the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS it still can be hard to stay on track. We must renew our faith on a daily basis and keep reading the word of God. This is our armor and we must use it to defeat the devil at every corner, where he is waiting to steal, kill and destroy. To understand how to fight the enemy we must know the enemy and the bible tells us that the devil was an Archangel the most beautiful angel in charge of worship. He wants to be the MOST HIGH and over throw GOD he wanted to be worship by the angel and all the beings of heaven. You must understand that he fall happen before mankind that why he was present in the Garden of Eden. Satan want to stop us from praising GOD cause GOD created us to show the devil that he is the all mighty Most High GOD and does not need him to hold worship when all of mankind will. So stay the courses don’t give up Jesus died so that we could be saved. The Great Super is at hand and we are going home really soon the world is at the point of pure evil and the return of Jesus is coming any minute.

The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594

The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. Sorry it’s has been so long since our last post but I have been going thru a change in trying to find and hear the lord voice. Since I began walking in is glory the road has not been easy this has been the hardest time of my life. It true what they say that the devil will come at you with everything he’s got when you break free from the things of this world. Understand this I was so wrap up in this world and didn’t even know how bad I was, I could tell you everything you could possible want to know about Jay-Z and most other rappers. Then I hear his new song saying I’ am the rap Bob Dylan and everyone who has seen Bob Dylan’s interview know he stated that he sold his soul to the devil. I use to blast Jay-Z in my car loud as I could and that so scary to me. I use to watch porn on the regular like it was nothing I even knew most of the names of the female actor but couldn’t name all the books of the bible. That crazy right, but ever since I was a young man I had a urge to read the bible but the world had me to trap to realize that Jesus was waiting on me. One night I was up late as usual watching music video, downloading music and getting ready for my road trip I came across a video about a young girl who Jesus came down and took to Hell and back to Heaven. You see for someone like me who taught that I knew enough to make it to Heaven realize after watching that video I knew nothing at all. Now most people would have you believe that those video are fake, but I couldn’t let it go and I am not one to fall for fake material. I knew that the lord was trying to reach me and tell me hey my son your hell bound and afraid as I am to write that down I was. Let me share something with you when saint make it to heaven the are given a robe of righteous or a gown of salvation, what the difference let me tell you the robe is for the people who walk the holy walk the gown well let just say they  still have some learning to do once they get there. That OK they are in the presence of the highest Jesus Christ. Now the scary thing is that like me at one point the world is falling away from Jesus making up all kinds of way not to read the bible and praise him. Since I began this walk I figure out that as long as I was doing what the devil wanted me to do then I was just fine making money have an outstanding military career you name it would happen. It was a false high you see I could have all those thing with Jesus but the difference is Jesus loves me I mean he loves me I am going thru the hardest time of my life for a reason I need to be clean of what the world has taught me. I need to focus on Jesus my father and lord, you see Jesus needs you he really needs you. I will let you know a secret I have learned about Jesus since I began this walk JESUS IS CRYING CAUSE THE WORST DAY OF HIS LIFE IS COMING SOON. Forgive the caps but that important and I’ll tell you way, the bible say that in the time of the final judgment that Jesus will wipe all tears away. GUESS WHAT THOSE TEARS ARE NOT YOUR TEARS BUT HIS again forgive the caps but you see that day he has to tell all creation that does not follow him to depart from him. That mean he has to send them to Hell and that’s final now image that you had to be the one to send your child to jail that would break your heart. So why are we breaking our lord’s heart he love you way too much and it pains him deeply when he loses a soul. So please come to Christ the time is so short the world day are shorten the end is near and the 2nd coming of Christ is at hand be the one that see’s he’s glory for he await your love and to share his.

In closing I want to start a movement I would like to start a GETTING SAVED movement. Bring people to the blog let teach each other and reach people before it is to late it time to work for god and bring people home.

Special thanks to the leaders of Christ that I have been watching and learning from: Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and Perry Stone Thank  You!!!