Why God Loves You So.


The enemy of the lord will try his best to fog your mind and have you questioning  why GOD loves you so much. See God’s love is more than the human mind can understand it’s never ending. He seek’s to provide every human being with it. In Deuteronomy Chap 6 God said that we are “his treasured possession” how awesome is that. Remember always that God gave us his only son so that we may be saved. He died for you and me, we were doomed and his love saved us. Stop and take a moment out of your busy day and just ask the lord for his grace and love. Look to the heaven and ask him to come to your life and to fill you with his joy and love. The lord is waiting for everyone to turn from their sins and come home to Him. Let us walk a life that will defeat the enemy of the lord and not worry about the things of this world but the world to come. It pains God when he losses a soul, it hurts Him deeply. Think about that for one moment, that your best friend our heavenly father and he is in pain cause of our sins. Now if you would ride or die for your hommie down on earth, if you will go to the highest mountain for your mom, wife, daughter, son then why not do the same for the Lord Jesus. For He is the one that was gracious enough to allow them to be apart of your life. He has also given you more love than they could ever give you. So is He not worth more than them?  In the book of Matthew Jesus tells us that we should not love our parents, kids, friends or the things of this world more than him. We are his children all of us, and we are his light in this world. Hell is a real place and so is heaven don’t let the devil in he is a liar and a cheat. Jesus died for YOU! Jesus died for ME! Jesus died for US! Now let’s Follow Him Home! We started this blog to bring people to Christ and that is what we plan to do. So please ask the Lord Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and to come into your life and to take control and begin to live free.


“Heavenly Father, have mercy on me, a sinner. I believe in you and that your word is true. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and that he died on the cross so that I may now have forgiveness for my sins and eternal life. I know that without you in my heart my life is meaningless.

I believe in my heart that you, Lord God, raised Him from the dead. Please Jesus forgive me, for every sin I have ever committed or done in my heart, please Lord Jesus forgive me and come into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior today. I need you to be my Father and my friend.

I give you my life and ask you to take full control from this moment on; I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ.”



Teach me your way, O Lord,    that I may walk in your truth;    give me an undivided heart to revere your name.
12 I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart,    and I will glorify your name for ever.
13 For great is your steadfast love towards me;    you have delivered my soul from the depths of Sheol.
14 O God, the insolent rise up against me;    a band of ruffians seeks my life,    and they do not set you before them.
15 But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious,    slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.
16 Turn to me and be gracious to me;    give your strength to your servant;    save the child of your serving-maid.
17 Show me a sign of your favour,    so that those who hate me may see it and be put to shame,    because you, Lord, have helped me and comforted me.untitled

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